About rooms and baths


Spectacular Ise-Bay view can be enjoyed from all the rooms and baths

Japanese style (Tatami-mat) room x 4
・Futon mattress furnished. Suitable for 1-4ppl.

Western room (with modular bathroom) x 4
・Bed furnished. Suitable for 1-2ppl.

Japanese-western room x 2
・Tatami-mat with bed. Suitable for 1-2ppl.

All the rooms have a restroom, an air conditioner and a TV.

No smoking in the whole building.  Please use the smoking area that is outside of the entrance.

Hand Towel (〇) Bath Towel (〇)  Toothbrush・Toothpaste (charged)  Shaver (charged) 
Japanese Bathrobe (〇) Pajamas (×) Bathrobe (△) Comforter  (△)
Shower Cap (×) Cotton Applicator (×) Comb・Brush (×) Dryer (〇)
Toilet With Warm Water Bidet (×)


Men’s Bathroom  (Indoor Bath)
Women’s Bathroom  (Indoor Bath)
Shampoo・Hair Conditioner (〇) Body Soap (〇) Soap (〇)