Universal Tourism


Universal Tourism
Fun trips for everybody.

For elderly people and handicapped people.
Please have relaxing stay at our guesthouse.
If you need our help for dining and/or taking bath, please feel free to tell us.

Wheelchair slope at the entrance(〇)
Rails of Passageways and Stairs in the Building (△)
Rails in a Big Bath (×)
Transporting with in the building Wheelchair without caregiver (〇)
Use of elevator to move up and down floors (〇)
Priority parking spot for Elderly and Handicapped people (〇)
Toilet for Wheelchair users (×)
Wheelchair rental service (〇)
Accessible room (×)
Braille blocks on aisle in the building (×)
Braille instruction for Building layout board (×)
An Emergency Announcement Equipment (〇)
Receptionist able to communicate with sign language (×)
Guest room equipped with warning lamp for people with hearing impairment (×)

For people with infants.
We offer relaxing time for family raising children.
Please refresh both mind and body together with your children.

Baby food(charged), Crib, Baby goods(charged)

For visitors to Japan.
Despite language and culture are different, having fun time is common in all over the world. We are here to offer unique Japanese Omotenashi(hospitality)

For people with pets

We ask for your cooperation.
・Attach identification tag to your pet.
・Be sure they have measures for fleas and mites as well as vaccination.
・Check animal hospitals nearby.
・Let us know in case stain or breakage happened.

Dog food (charged), Toilet sheet for pet

English speaking staff, Vegan/halal food, Tour guide(charged)